ECO-Flex Profile Sanding Head

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The 'New' ECO-Flex sanding head is brilliant for all sorts of sanding applications! It's like no other sanding product you may have seen.

t's light and easy to use and very effective for all sorts of jobs around the home. Its unique brush and abrasive finger system will get into the finest details and the most hard to reach areas where conventional sandpapers simply can't. It won't 'clog' either.

Whether you're sanding skirting boards and architraves, painting windowsills, removing rust from metal, varnishing the stairs or even cleaning the garden furniture, ECO-Flex will help you get the job done in no time at all!

Technical Information

  • 170mm Diameter
  • 50mm Wide
  • 6mm Hex Drive Shaft
  • Max 1000 rpm

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